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Submit a medical or admin request online and get the help you need - without waiting for an appointment.


an example of the anima app on a smartphone

A new way to contact us at the practice, make enquiries, request results, medical certificates and make appointments.

By registering to use the Anima app or accessing this through the existing Patient Access App you will be able to ask us about anything from a health problem, a medication question, prescription request or forms that you’d like us to complete.

Our reception team will still be answering the phones and you will be able to book appointments with them but if you use Anima you will avoid needing to queue on the telephone and will keep lines free for those who do not have internet or who need immediate help. You can also choose what time to put in your request at a convenient time knowing it will be dealt with that day.

It will help us make sure everyone who is trying to get help and support get it by the right person at the right time. You can use the app to book directly with any of our team including our physio and pharmacist and if you are not sure who is best to see the app will direct you to the best person.

Extra benefits to me as a patient?

As a patient you will benefit from the following:

  • You will be able to log on to see the status and outcomes of your current and past requests.
  • You will be asked questions to find out more about your problem, to help us better understand how urgently we need to help you (asked without medical jargon)
  • You will be able to use Anima in a number of languages to make it easier if English isn’t your first language
  • Your medical records will be more complete for the future
  • The advice you get from us will be clear and you will be able to read it again if you didn’t take it all in at once
  • You will receive a text message and email to let you know when the practice has responded (no more missing emails in the junk box).